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Scombridae Sunday - 10/06 Capt Ron Posey (Left) Trimmer Gary Ficken(Right) on SF Bay in High Winds mermaid boat Fiddler's Green/Golden Gate Bridge Frank Lawler-Double Handed Farallones 2003 Double Handed Farallones 2003 Double Handed Farallones 2003 Tackful Inshallah Post-race Corinthian YC Nationals 2003 Monterey Kelly Shawn, Winter Solstice 2008 Tackful Elaine-Vallejo 2002 Sweet Reward Elaine 2002 Nationals Tchoupitoulas-DH Farallones 3/28/09 Sausalito Yacht Club Midwinter February 2010 Kelly Shawn, SYC Midwinter,  Feb. 2010 Sailing near Discovery Bay with Amtrak crossing the causeway 2011 Fleet Meeting at Pineapple Sails Proud fleet co-captains @ Wheeler Regatta 2012 Knox YRA - 30+ knots Great Pumpkin 2013 (Kitten) hull 95 How to do it wrong. Rival Muse heading in from day sail. Ecaroh on Monterey bay SCHOCK SANTANA for sale  $1500.00 Rhapsody in Redwood Creek Hot Ruddered Bum Hot Ruddered Bum Hot Ru