Practice Day @ Clipper Cove 11-2:30 at Treasure IslandApril 6
Looking for a Ride or Crew
#38000Kelly (Leah)
Anyone up for crewing? (Apr 2 12:16 PM)
 John Lundquist
I have failed to make it down to the salt water before, but I want to throw my hat in for a ride. Otherwise, I could tend the docks I suppose. (Apr 4 9:21 PM)
Boats Racing
#801Byte Size (Anna Alderkamp )
#5194Meliki (Deb Fehr)
#95Kitten (Kristy Lugert)
I have one or two crew, and can bring more if someone else needs crew. (new sailors) (Mar 28 5:33 PM)
#466Dayspring (Keay)
#5154TIlly Jane (Michael Pouliot)
#5168Pip (James Dilworth)
#64Lanikai (Adam Santaniello)
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