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Author: Kirill Sapelkin ( contact the author
Subject: '69 Santana 22 for sale
Info: (1735 views) Posted: Saturday 2-4-17 05:44:13 PM


I'd like to come look at the boat. When would it be convenient for you?

For me tomorrow or Monday, afternoons.

Kirill Sapelkin

:: Looking for a good home for Tilly Jane, a '69 Santana
:: currently berthed in Brisbane Marina. We've sailed the
:: boat regularly over the past 5 years, amazing fun
:: without any issues. She's got new bottom paint last
:: spring ('16), is set up for spinnaker, and has a
:: functional arsenal of main, spinnaker, and 3 jibs.
:: Tabernacled mast, original keel bolts (that look
:: surprisingly good), dry bilge (unless we get a big
:: downpour), clean cozy interior. Rigging looks great, but
:: is about 14 years old. Comes with an old Evinrude that
:: runs great, but is a bear to shift into gear. This boat
:: could use some love, but is ready to sail, well
:: maintained (no growth, clean interior) and has been up
:: to every test over the years.
:: We've gotten so much joy from this boat, and our goal is
:: to get her to someone that will keep sailing her.
:: $500
:: We have a nice '08 four stroke that is available for a
:: fair price if interested.
:: Thanks,

:: Mike


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