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Subject: Sale or Partnership
Info: (1283 views) Posted: Wednesday 10-26-16 03:05:35 PM
Hi there, For various reasons it I may have to sell my 1966 Santana 22 (hull number 23), sadly only a few months after purchasing it. I paid $1200 for it and then about 2K more to have it hauled out, cleaned, bottom painted and repaired (small crack in hull previous owner neglected to mention). While it was on the hard I also paid to have new rails installed on the cabin top to better fit the brand new jib I had ordered from Pineapple. That's right-- this boat comes with brand, spanking new main and 90% jib from Pineapple, never used once! The 4 hp Mercury 4 stroke outboard, which the previous owner told me had been refurbished, actually needed to be cleaned out because he had added motor oil to the tank. That's been taken care of, professionally. The running rigging is beyond salvaging, so I bought replacements for everything. None of what I bought has been installed, *cough cough*. In other words, this poor little boat is basically waiting to be put back together.

I don't want to sell it! That's why I am asking $3,500 as is. Price includes sails and rigging and motor, none of which I will sell separately.

What I REALLY want is some kind of partnership. Do you know how to work on boats? I do not and have discovered the hard way that I don't have the time right now to learn on my own. Would you be willing to help me put this boat back together and complete the remaining maintenance jobs in exchange for putting your name on the title with mine? I can cover the cost of supplies and can do grunt work if you give me directions. The details would have to be worked out, but we can draw up a contract so that neither of us feels we are being taken advantage of.

Please don't respond to the partnership offer if you have zero experience working on boats. You should have experience maintaining standing and running rigging, through hulls, etc... Bonus if you have your own tools.

The boat is at the Berkeley Marina now. It is absolutely not a potential liveaboard (or sneak aboard) situation. Contact me if you want to go have a look at it.

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