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Author: Greg B ( contact the author
Subject: Free Beer in Sausalito this Weekend!
Info: (3069 views) Posted: Thursday 6-11-09 08:04:22 AM
We look forward to seeing the video.

:: So, after my last post, I got the attention of several
:: great people that monitor the fleet website. First of
:: all, I'd like to mention that many of them said I should
:: try the mailing list at That was good
:: advice. I didn't think the list was very active, but
:: then I realized that Gmail was flagging it all as junk.
:: Secondly, James Dilworth came over last Friday night and
:: helped me drop the rig, pop the new headstay on, and pop
:: the rig right back up. We had it all done in less than
:: 40 minutes. (Granted there was plenty of work I could
:: have done on the rig while it was down, that stuff can
:: wait for the off season.) We had a few other folks help
:: us out, including my neighbor at the marina, who was
:: nice enough to use my video camera to film what we were
:: doing. My computer is in the shop this week having the
:: display replaced, so as soon as I get it back, I'll get
:: the video scrubbed out and posted so anybody else that
:: needs a point of reference for dropping a tuna rig can
:: see what to do. It really was easy. Thanks so much to
:: the kind people that responded offering to help me out,
:: and thanks especially to James who came and got it done
:: with me. I'll see you guys on the water soon!

:: -Claude
:: :: Hey Folks,
:: ::
:: :: My headstay broke when I was bringing my boat home to
:: :: Sausalito from Vallejo earlier this month, and I just
:: :: picked up a new one from Steve Seal this week. I was
:: :: wondering if anyone might be available to give me a hand
:: :: dropping the rig so I can put the new one on. I've
:: :: already got one body committed to helping out, so I only
:: :: really need one other person. I'll bring plenty of beer,
:: :: and I'm looking forward to meeting other S22 sailors in
:: :: the fleet!
:: ::
:: :: Thanks,
:: :: Claude
:: :: 757-572-7180 (cell)
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