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Author: Claude Nix ( contact the author
Subject: Free Beer in Sausalito this Weekend!
Info: (3203 views) Posted: Wednesday 6-10-09 11:19:19 PM
So, after my last post, I got the attention of several great people that monitor the fleet website. First of all, I'd like to mention that many of them said I should try the mailing list at That was good advice. I didn't think the list was very active, but then I realized that Gmail was flagging it all as junk. Secondly, James Dilworth came over last Friday night and helped me drop the rig, pop the new headstay on, and pop the rig right back up. We had it all done in less than 40 minutes. (Granted there was plenty of work I could have done on the rig while it was down, that stuff can wait for the off season.) We had a few other folks help us out, including my neighbor at the marina, who was nice enough to use my video camera to film what we were doing. My computer is in the shop this week having the display replaced, so as soon as I get it back, I'll get the video scrubbed out and posted so anybody else that needs a point of reference for dropping a tuna rig can see what to do. It really was easy. Thanks so much to the kind people that responded offering to help me out, and thanks especially to James who came and got it done with me. I'll see you guys on the water soon!


:: Hey Folks,
:: My headstay broke when I was bringing my boat home to
:: Sausalito from Vallejo earlier this month, and I just
:: picked up a new one from Steve Seal this week. I was
:: wondering if anyone might be available to give me a hand
:: dropping the rig so I can put the new one on. I've
:: already got one body committed to helping out, so I only
:: really need one other person. I'll bring plenty of beer,
:: and I'm looking forward to meeting other S22 sailors in
:: the fleet!
:: Thanks,

:: Claude

:: 757-572-7180 (cell)

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