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Author: James D. ( contact the author
Subject: Free Beer in Sausalito this Weekend!
Info: (3154 views) Posted: Monday 6-1-09 10:27:19 AM

Welcome to the fleet. The mast is easily dropped with two-people. I usually just grab someone else who is at the dock, but if you haven't done this before I'd be happy to help you out.

I can do Friday lunchtime, or Saturday afternoon.

Let's take some photos and post them, so the next person who needs to take down their mast knows how to do it.


:: I'm kind of disappointed that there were 25 views on
:: this thread, and not a single reply. This fleet is
:: aging, and these boats need work. If there's nobody in
:: the community to pitch in and help out the newcomers to
:: the fleet, then how is the fleet supposed to survive? If
:: I had big money and a big crew, then sure I'd already
:: have my little problem taken care of, but I would likely
:: be interested in taking my money and crew to a more
:: modern platform. Food for thought...
:: I still need help with my rig, and my beer offer still
:: stands. I'm also willing to pitch in and help other
:: owners with their issues, especially if someone steps up
:: and helps me out.
:: Thanks,
:: Claude Nix
:: :: Hey Folks,
:: ::
:: :: My headstay broke when I was bringing my boat home to
:: :: Sausalito from Vallejo earlier this month, and I just
:: :: picked up a new one from Steve Seal this week. I was
:: :: wondering if anyone might be available to give me a hand
:: :: dropping the rig so I can put the new one on. I've
:: :: already got one body committed to helping out, so I only
:: :: really need one other person. I'll bring plenty of beer,
:: :: and I'm looking forward to meeting other S22 sailors in
:: :: the fleet!
:: ::
:: :: Thanks,
:: :: Claude
:: :: 757-572-7180 (cell)

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