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Author: Tom
Subject: Free Beer in Sausalito this Weekend!
Info: (3003 views) Posted: Friday 5-29-09 10:13:59 PM
Claude Surprisingly not that many SF Bay owners frequent this site. Hopefully all of those 25 viewers were not locals. If you get on the mailing list you should get better coverage. Tom

:: I'm kind of disappointed that there were 25 views on
:: this thread, and not a single reply. This fleet is
:: aging, and these boats need work. If there's nobody in
:: the community to pitch in and help out the newcomers to
:: the fleet, then how is the fleet supposed to survive? If
:: I had big money and a big crew, then sure I'd already
:: have my little problem taken care of, but I would likely
:: be interested in taking my money and crew to a more
:: modern platform. Food for thought...
:: I still need help with my rig, and my beer offer still
:: stands. I'm also willing to pitch in and help other
:: owners with their issues, especially if someone steps up
:: and helps me out.
:: Thanks,
:: Claude Nix
:: :: Hey Folks,
:: ::
:: :: My headstay broke when I was bringing my boat home to
:: :: Sausalito from Vallejo earlier this month, and I just
:: :: picked up a new one from Steve Seal this week. I was
:: :: wondering if anyone might be available to give me a hand
:: :: dropping the rig so I can put the new one on. I've
:: :: already got one body committed to helping out, so I only
:: :: really need one other person. I'll bring plenty of beer,
:: :: and I'm looking forward to meeting other S22 sailors in
:: :: the fleet!
:: ::
:: :: Thanks,
:: :: Claude
:: :: 757-572-7180 (cell)

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