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Author: Cior ( contact the author
Subject: New Santana 22 Owner
Info: (2752 views) Posted: Monday 7-21-08 03:05:36 PM
Hey Steve,

I suggest checking out Steve Seal at Seal's Spars.

I'm looking forward to working with him on a new backstay adjuster for my boat. He came highly recommended by Kame Richards at Pineapple Sails. It looks like Steve has a lot of experience with S22s, stocks a good deal of equipment and was incredibly generous with his expertise when I called him about my project last week.

Speaking of Kame, he's another great local resource. We just purchased a new jib from him, and couldn't have been happier with the relationship. Very informative, looks like he makes a top-notch product.

Another good resource is Cass Marina over in Sausalito. Rumor has it they have a big treasure trove of old S22 parts. I've never had good luck purchasing direct from Schock -- the parts prices and shipping costs are pretty lofty compared to the easy connections I've been able to make locally.

Good luck! C

:: Hello there,
:: I recently purchased a 1966 Santana 22...
:: The boat needs lots of work so I'm hoping to connect
:: with any groups, individuals or other reliable resources
:: to ask questions and bounce ideas off of.
:: Any information, suggestions and or advise would be
:: greatly appreciated.
:: Thanks so much,
:: Steve

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