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Author: Cored_decks_on_Santana_22s?
Subject: Does anyone know from experience the sections comprised of solid glass vs cored?
Info: (765 views) Posted: Thursday 4-11-19 11:41:42 PM
1969. Hull 276. It's tough for me to discern from the existing holes, and I'm reluctant to drill new holes (or drill the existing holes bigger!) just to find out if there's core or not. Much of the material seems too thin to contain any core, yet my more experienced sailing friends advise that boats from this era ('69) had cored everything?

Several examples:

a) The bulkhead by the companionway (where people tend to mount electronics), is that solid glass? It looks to be only about 1/4" thick, which leads me to believe that, yes, this bulkhead is solid glass.

b) The deck, specifically where grabrails typically get mounted, nearby and above the portlights-- is this section of the deck, cored deck or solid glass? My guess is cored, but looking at one of the gunky fastener holes (that secures the grabrail) I can't really tell. If I'm going to drill a hole out bigger, I'm probably going to start here.

c) The bow has a cleat dead center, more-or-less, and the deck material in that area seems too thin to have core, similar to the bulkhead by the companionway.

Thanks! New to Santana 22s but already smitten...

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