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Author: Carl ( contact the author
Subject: Limber Holes for Rainwater Drainage?
Info: (1267 views) Posted: Thursday 5-25-17 10:16:05 PM

I have been restoring my Tuna for three years now, and it's almost done. Despite my either replacing or re-filleting and re-tabbing all bulkheads, I am having rainwater problems.

Since getting the boat five years ago (sailed it for two years prior to starting the refit), the bilge under the cockpit collects a lot of rainwater. I thought that the bulkhead repairs/replacement I had done would keep it trapped there; I was wrong. The rainwater leaks under the aft bunks.

Same deal with the anchor rode locker. Water gets into it, and when it does, it starts draining into the v-berth.

There are, to my knowledge, four potential solutions:

1. Just pump it out after a hard rain. 2. Use some kind of tarp 3. Go crazy with the epoxy and seal the crap out of the aft bulkhead and the anchor rode locker. 4. Install limber holes into the lowest part of the bases of the bulkheads, cockpit locker wall and aft bunk risers.

For those not familiar with the concept of limber holes, the idea is to put a hole in the base of the bulkheads, so that all water drains to the lowest part of the bilge, where it can be easily scooped up after the rain is over. The problem with this idea is that, at least from what I can tell, the tuna didn't come with them, which makes me wonder if it's the best solution for the boat. Also, it potentially seems like a very labor-intensive way of making the situation worse, so that I would have to pump water out of eight parts of the boat, rather than 2-5.

Any advice on how to set up the inside of the boat so that recovering from a rainstorm is easy?

Thanks, Carl

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