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Author: Luis
Subject: Berkeley Marina
Info: (1417 views) Posted: Thursday 8-4-16 10:19:54 AM
Hi Mara,

I have been an owner for only a few months, but I am at the Berkeley Marina M Dock along with a couple of other Tuna owners that seem active.

The smaller slips are on MJBO. You can get a larger slip if you want.

There are quite a few active Santana owners on O dock by the yacht club (to get closest to the action). Closer to the bay. Less time in and out. More waves from the boat traffic and from the bay.

To me, I like to tie up and stay on the boat for a while after sailing. So M dock is more protected for that purpose. Although, it takes another 5-10 mins to get out into the bay.

J has a lot of derelict boats and the fumes from the charters are ever present. You have to compete for parking with the charters and the restaurants.

B dock is newer, has better parking, nicer restrooms and showers. Only problem is it is right by the boat launch. So fumes and noise if you are on a crowded weekend. Mostly not though.



:: Hello!

:: I am the new owner of an old Santana 22 and looking to
:: berth it in the Berkeley Marina. Berkeley seems to have
:: a lot of berths available to fit a 22 ft boat, and I am
:: wondering if anyone has advice on docks/slips there.
:: Where's the best place to be? I would like to be near at
:: least a few other active Tuna sailors. I am having to
:: put in a lot of work on my boat and recent experience
:: has taught me that just having another Santana 22 around
:: for visual reference (rigging, sails, etc...) is
:: invaluable, even if the other owners never talk to me.
:: Any Berkeley peeps with suggestions?

:: Thanks,

:: Mara

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