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Author: don ( contact the author
Subject: Restoring my Santana 22 - Have some questions
Info: (1655 views) Posted: Monday 9-14-15 12:55:34 PM
I'm currently well through the process of restoring my Santana 22 that has been in use on the Great Salt Lake for many years. I'm not getting much help from the parts folks at W.D. Schock, so I thought I'd reach out to this group to see if I can get a picture or two of a couple of items I have questions on.

The aft hatches are all missing the hinges and I have no idea what type of hinge was in use there. Would someone be able to snap a close picture of your hinges?

The sliders for the main hatch cover are a small piece of metal sort of wrapped around the track. I'm missing a couple of those and just thought I'd see again if someone could take a picture of their sliders to make sure I'm looking for current parts. (My boat appears to be hull #414 1969 so I'm thinking the sliders may have been improved in later models)

I've asked Schock to get me pricing and such on a new rub rail as the previous owner removed this entirely from my boat, but so far I'm not convinced that I'll get this from them. Anyone ever source this from somewhere out there without going through Schock?

Thanks, Don

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