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Author: James Dilworth ( contact the author
Subject: Repairing deck core rot with microspheres or foam?
Info: (2228 views) Posted: Thursday 4-9-15 10:40:02 AM
Drilling lots of holes and filling them with thickened epoxy did the trick for me. Epoxy might provide more rigidity than foam.

You can see the holes here

More boatyard work here :

:: I'm rather sure my deck core is rotten. I know that the
:: best way of fixing this is to cut the deck skin off to
:: remove rotten core, replace the rotten core with fresh
:: wood, then re-attach the deck skin. That sounds like way
:: too much work for a boat that I got off of craigslist
:: for $1200, and honestly, it doesn't sound very
:: necessary.
:: I know a lot of people think they can put unthickened
:: epoxy into holes drilled into the deck, but because
:: epoxy runs all over, I've heard this isn't very
:: effective.
:: What if I pumped expanding foam from TAP Plastics or the
:: aerosol foam insulation from Home Depot into a grid of
:: holes drilled into the deck skin? Once each hole is
:: filled, I can then fiberglass over the holes. What's
:: wrong with that? If such foam is too weak, what about
:: epoxy thickened with microspheres? Sounds like it makes
:: sense, but evidently nobody on the interwebs has done
:: this and posted about it, so I'm wary of trying to do it
:: myself.

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