We use dues to help throw Santana 22 specific racing events. In the future our PRO for the Scombridae Sundays will be paid out of fleet dues. They allow us to advertise the fleet. In general, the money is used to try to help keep the fleet healthy. If you have suggestions on how we might best spend this money please let fleet captains, Deb or Kristen, know.

How to Join the Fleet

Pay your Santana 22 Fleet Dues Here

Or you can mail a check for $40 to:

Wayne Best
47 Maywood Way
San Rafael, CA 94901

Fleet membership is required to participate in fleet sponsored racing.

Years: 2006 (1 paid) 2007 (14 paid) 2010 (11 paid) 2011 (11 paid) 2017 (2 paid)

2017 dues paid

58Joe Raffayes
529Megan Dwyeryes
Total Paid2