The Stonewolf Story

by Stonewolf

I rebuilt a Santana 22, including broken rudder and mast on Guam and sailed it thousands of miles in the Northern Marianas and Guam waters. I had more adventures on that small boat than I did on a host of larger boats I have sailed all over the Western Pacific (north and south). I went through a typhoon at sea with her and numerous rough water events. I even used her to carry cargo to the inhabitants of Alamagan (6 people)and Agrighan (15 people) after the converted fishing boat that serviced them was lost at sea. We loaded until water started coming in the cockpit drains and then set sail from Saipan. On our return runs, I carried betel nut, dried fish and glass balls. (I found 135 on one beach.) She drove like an old Toyota truck and could take much more than I could stand. Many times when things got too rough and too tired sailing solo,I have offered my fate to the powers that be at sea and tied a sheet around my waist and went to sleep. I always woke up alive and afloat. Good enough for me. A couple years after selling her, she got hammered by a typhoon and she now sits at the bottom of the lagoon near Cocos Island on Guam.